East Bay Couples and Family Counseling

Emotionally Focused Therapy Professionals

Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) is an evidence based model with an over 70% proven success rate.  Over 90% of couples report their relationship was "significantly improved".

We are a group of experienced EFT couples and family counselors who can help you learn to break the cycles of frustration and loneliness in your relationships.

Choose an EFT counselor whose office is near you.

Tami Sonnier, M.F.T.
in Walnut Creek
Visit Tami's website here
Phone: (925) 289-8264

Providing counseling for:
●   Individuals
●   Couples
●   Children or Adolescents
●   Families of all ages
●   Adoption

I work with folks in all phases of life, from prenatal and pre-adoptive to end-of-life grief work.
I help people rebuild the trust and emotional connections that they have lost.
I am skilled in addressing issues such as relationship struggles, loss, coping with life stress, and many other problems common to couples and families.

Tami Sonnier

Maren Gleason, L.C.S.W.
in San Ramon
Visit Maren's website here
Phone: (925) 838-2375

Providing counseling for:
●   Individuals
●   Couples
●   Children or Adolescents
●   Families of all ages
●   Blended families
●   Military families
●   Adopted children

I provide counseling help for:
●   Trauma survivors
●   Abuse survivors
●   Depression
●   Anxiety
●   Stress

I specialize in helping families develop better, long lasting, and satisfying relationships.
I help individuals, couples, and families move from the frustration of repeating negative interactions to a sense of trust, security, safety and love.

Maren Gleason

Margaret Petersen, M.F.T.
in Pleasanton
Visit Margaret's website here
Phone: (925) 520-5263

Providing counseling for:
●   Individuals
●   Couples of all genders
●   Families of all ages
●   Blended families

I help successful individuals, partners, and families achieve significant changes in behaviors that allow them to have a life that works.

I specialize in helping people in relationships move from frustrating negative patterns, into a felt sense of trust and lasting satisfaction with themselves, and with the important relationships in their lives.

Margaret Petersen